How a Digital Overhaul Can Improve Customer Engagement

Digital is moving at the speed of light, so businesses need to be constantly on the ball with new technology. This means that being innovative with digital to track engagement and connect with customers is essential if you want to remain relevant with your target audience.

If you want to truly engage with customers, simply posting something on Facebook and hoping for the best is out of the question. Making a plan to use data and cold, hard analytics will help to improve customer engagement with your brand in the long run.

Many businesses still choose to skip out on data analysis and reporting, so this is where a digital overhaul comes in. Here’s where to start.

Learn more about your customers

The first step towards improving engagement with your customers – and therefore, making strides towards the goal of your marketing mix (brand awareness, sales, new leads) – is to actually get to know them.

We now have access to more customer data than ever, so it’s worth taking the time to look review all data sources to determine who your customers actually are (and who you are attracting to your marketing channels) before making any presumptions about who is interested in your product or service online.

Analyse data

After you’ve discovered who is interested in your business and how they are behaving on your website and social media channels, you need to analyse what you can actually do with that data.

Analysing data will help you to discover what is important to your customers, where they are from, when they are online, and how they are interacting (or not interacting) with your marketing materials, to name a few benefits. Committing to overhauling your digital strategy to include data analysis will make your online activities much more worthwhile and targeted to an audience that wants to know more about your brand.

Improve the relevance of your brand

The main benefit of data analysis is that you have the ability to completely customise your content and advertising materials to your customers. For example, curating content for millennials when your online target audience is actually 60+ isn’t the best way to encourage an active database.

Regular analysis and understanding which data is important to your digital strategy will help you to improve the relevance and timing of your messaging, thereby helping you reach your marketing goals quicker while driving positive brand sentiment from your audience.

At Sodafizz, we meticulously track and analyse data to improve the reach and relevance of marketing materials for our clients – whether that be Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, SEO, email marketing or organic curated content for Facebook or Instagram.

If you need experts to design a strategy that will improve customer engagement for your business, get in touch.