Hottest trends on Google in June 2017

What’s Trending – June 2017

In June, the fire at Grenfell Tower in London and sporting events around the world caught the attention of Australians on Google.


The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in west London on 14 June was the most searched-for term on Google last month. The huge fire engulfed the 24-storey apartment building and caused at least 80 deaths and over 70 injuries. News of the tragedy was quickly picked up by Australian media and peaked on Google on the day of the fire. Australians sought out updates on the story, with ‘London fire news’, ‘London fire latest’ and ‘London fire update’ some of the related top search queries.


Foxtel’s latest offering, a streaming service priced to compete with other popular Australian streaming providers Stan and Netflix, was released on 7 June. Subsequently, Aussies took to the web for more information on the new service, entitled Foxtel Now. Those in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne were the most interested in the new offering, and ‘Foxtel Now app’, ‘Foxtel Now packages’ and ‘Foxtel Now review’ were some of the top related terms, indicating Australians weren’t ready to give up their credit card details without a quick look into what the service was all about.


The FIFA Confederations Cup, an international football tournament held every four years, was the talk of the town on Google in the latter half of the month. The Socceroos represented Australia in three games, coming home with two draws (1-1 against Chile and 1-1 with Cameroon) and a loss (2-3 against Germany). Those in the ACT, the Northern Territory and New South Wales were the most interested in keeping up with the action, and top related search terms indicated Aussies wanted to know when and where they could watch the Confederations Cup on television, as well as updates on scores.


Cricket fans were treated to the ICC Champions Trophy in June, a cricket tournament for the eight top-ranked One Day International teams in the world. England played host to the tournament. Unfortunately for Australian cricket fans, Australia’s games were rained out so the Australian team didn’t get to progress past the group stage, but Pakistan’s victory over India kept Aussies glued to the screen. Those in the Northern Territory, the ACT and Victoria were the biggest watchers of the tournament.


If Google statistics are anything to go by, Wonder Woman was the biggest flick in June. The movie was released on 1 June and this term remained popular throughout the whole month. Googlers wanted to know more about the cast and screening times; ‘Wonder Woman Gal Gadot’, ‘Wonder Woman Hoyts’ and ‘Wonder Woman Event Cinemas’ were some of the biggest related queries. Those in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney were the biggest fans of the film.

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