kony 2012

Hot Searches – March 2012

In comparison to last year Hot Searches – March 2011 the most searched topic was the huge news of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Similar events to last year were the release of the Apple iPad 2 and the AFL and NRL season.

This year demonstrates how far social media has come in its ability to spread the word with the Kony 2012 campaign being a worldwide search subject.

Kony 2012

The campaign to make Joseph Kony known to the world is going rather well with Kony 2012 being the top search term for March in Australia and worldwide. Kony 2012 is a video made by Jason Russell co-founder of Invisible Children Inc. to stop the many crimes that Joseph Kony has committed by raising awareness and support for his arrest. The Kony campaign has spread across Facebook, Youtube and TV and people are continuing to search on what the Kony campaign is all about.

Australia Daylight Savings

Daylight savings was on the first Sunday of April. Australia daylight savings were searched at the end of March to find out when to set the clocks back an hour.

The Hunger Games

Searches have been high in the lead up to the movie release of The Hunger Games with topics such as trailers, downloads, imdb movie reviews, wiki and Hoyts cinema being most prevalent. Searches on the Hunger Games lead actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen have also been popular to find out more about the character. Searches for the Hunger Games books have also increased as well as Catching Fire the follow up book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Apple iPad 3

Released at the beginning of March the iPad 3 enticed Australian Internet users to search for the new iPad reviews, Telstra offering the new iPad and the Apple store to buy the latest technology from Apple. News also centred on the new iPad 3 with reports that the 4G technology is not yet available in Australia.

Australian Sport

Always a popular subject for Australians, sport has been highly searched focusing on NRL, AFL and Formula 1. The NRL and AFL teams, match rounds, live scores and results have been major searches as well as footy tipping, 2012 tips and premiership ladders. F1 searches were on the Grand Prix live, F1 Malaysia and results of the F1 Melbourne Qantas Australian Grand Prix 2012 – well done Jenson Button!

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