5 Things Brands Need to Know About Instagram

5 Things Brands Need to Know About Instagram

Instagram isn’t the new kid on the social media scene anymore. Instagram is big business, and brands and influencers on the app know how important it is to have a solid strategy for engagement and growth.

To make the most out of Instagram as a business, there are five things you need to know before you get started.

1. You need an Instagram business profile

If you’re using Instagram for business, you need a business profile. Makes sense, right? If you’re serious about growing your brand and knowing more about your audience, you must ensure that your profile is set up as a business account rather than personal. This way, you can get invaluable insights about your followers (including demographic information and what time they’re online), as well as insights on what works and what doesn’t for your posts.

2. You should be scheduling content in advance

There are a multitude of Instagram scheduling tools available, and it’s in your best interest as a business to use them. Why? Because planning content in advance and scheduling content according to the times your audience is online is essential to a successful profile. Audience engagement with your brand is key, and scheduling can help you to plan content that will reach your audience when they’re online and engaged.

3. Instagram’s algorithm prioritises engaging content

Once upon a time, your Instagram feed was presented in chronological order: the order in which posts were published is the order in which they would appear. Not anymore! These days, the Instagram algorithm works to ensure that the most engaging content appears at the top of users’ feeds. That means the more likes and comments your posts have, the better chance of it being seen by a wider audience. The aim is to provide users with the content that they want to see first. Your job is to make sure yours is at the top.

4. Instagram ads can extend the reach of your posts

Much like Facebook Advertising, Instagram offers ads that can boost the reach of your posts, build brand awareness and drive conversions on your website. Instagram allows business accounts to advertise through photos, videos, carousel ads or Instagram Stories. You can target your desired audience by location, interests, demographics and behaviours.

5. Photos shouldn’t be the only content you post

For further engagement with your Instagram profile, you should be looking beyond just posting photos. If you have the means and it’s suitable for your audience, including high quality video content should be something you consider. As well as video, Instagram Stories is another means to connect with your audience. Like Snapchat Stories, but better, Instagram Stories lets you incorporate clickable hashtags and location tags to a ‘story’ that disappears after 24 hours – great for time-dependent promotions.

If you really want to get the ball rolling with your Instagram account, you should ideally aim to be regularly incorporating all of the above into your social strategy. Not sure how? We can help with that.