Top digital trends for August 2017

What’s Trending – August 2017

The month of August saw Australians searching for news on the “The Money Fight”, Father’s Day and the comeback of Taylor Swift.


The most-talked-about event of the month was undoubtedly the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. As well as social media hype for the boxing match, the event drew a huge audience of interested parties to Google. Searchers Australia-wide wanted to know all about the fight time, date and whether or not you could watch the fight live online. The fight was held on 26 August in Nevada, USA, and due to the time difference, searches peaked on 27 August in Australia. Related search queries included ‘McGregor Mayweather fight time’, ‘McGregor Mayweather fight date’ and, simply, ‘what time is the fight’. Mayweather defeated McGregor by TKO in the 10th round.


The voluntary postal survey on the issue of same-sex marriage in Australia, the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey, was a big topic in August. To be eligible to participate in the survey, Australians needed to ensure they were on the electoral roll before the cut-off date on 24 August. Australians nation-wide wanted to learn more about the survey and also searched for related terms like ‘marriage plebiscite’, ‘marriage equality plebiscite’, ‘register to vote plebiscite’ and ‘enrol to vote’, with search interest peaking on 9 August.


Googlers got in early this year for Father’s Day, which was on 3 September. Search volume for the term continuously grew as the month went on, with Australians in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Geelong were the most concerned with what to gift dad. Searchers wanted to know when the day was and sought inspiration for potential gift ideas. Some of the most popular related queries included ‘Father’s Day ideas’, ‘when is Father’s Day’ and ‘Father’s Day Australia.’


An online sales event inspired by the USA’s Cyber Monday event, Click Frenzy is a big event on the Australian shopping calendar. The travel segment of the event was held on 22 August this year, with Click Frenzy offering travel deals and discounts from a variety of travel retailers for 24 hours only. Searches peaked on the big day. Queenslanders were the most savvy shoppers, followed by Victorians and Western Australians.


Taylor Swift’s highly-publicised return to music and the public sphere was a big topic in August. The release of her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and the corresponding video clip, sent Australians into a delirium. Searches peaked on the date of its Australian release on 25 August. Those in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne were the most fervent Taylor Swift Googlers, with search terms like ‘Taylor Swift new song’, ‘Taylor Swift songs’ and ‘Taylor Swift video’ being among the most popular related queries.

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